Story of Adam (Alaihi Ssalam) for kids

Adam is the first human being. The Almighty Allah created Adam from clay. Adam sneezed  and said:

الحمْدُ لله

(All the praise to be Allah)

Suddenly Allah responded :

يَرْحمُكَ الله

Along with Angels,  a special creature of Allah called Jinn were living in Paradise. Continue reading


Chances of attaining TAQWA in the month of Ramadan

Taqwa is one of the most precious thing a believer can attain, but it is not easy. Allah awarded the believers the month of Ramadan as the training period to attain taqwa. So He made the way to attain taqwa easy and simple. We see believers are hurry to do good works during Ramadan, why? because Allah has facilitated some important things to believers so that nothing can prevent them from doing good works.
This is a small booklet. You can download it from here or here

Ruling of Ramadan Fasting in Shafi Mad’hab(book) –

Now a days, many books available with regard to ruling of fasting in Ramadan. However, it is frustrating to see that some of those books doesn’t commit to explain rulings based upon a mad’hab(fiqh school of thought) while all the books authored in fiqh up to the last century belong to one of the four Mad’aahib.
This booklet is the excerpts of fasting rulings from two books of Shafi’e Mad’hab named ‘Umadatu Ssaliki wa Uddatu nnasiki’ and ‘Fat’hul Mueen bi Sharahi Qurratil ain’. Both are widely taught in schools and colleges as the part of Shafi’e Fiqh.
Most part of the booklet is from the book Umda. To make reading easy, sequence of the topics changed in some places.
Download the book from here or here

Team spirit in Islam

Islam gave much importance to team spirit. The great success of the early Muslim was the result of the team spirit ingrained in them. So, here is a very short ppt in 11 slides about what teamwork means to Islam. Islam applied the secrets of leadership methods through Jama’a system in prayer. How? Please go through this ppt. Download it fromhere or here